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TeamViewer 9 Keygen – what is this?

Using TeamViewer you within a few seconds to connect to Internet with any PC or server and remotely control it as if you were sitting in front of him. The application allows you to transfer files in both directions. In addition, knocks on the creation of VPN channels. The software is useful not only to remotely manage machines, thanks to it can be carried out online training by sharing its screen. If you add Teamviewer 9 Keygen to it, you have everything, what you need to have connection with your computer from all places on Earth.


Novelties in Teamviewer 9:

  • A new tool – TeamViewer Management Console enables you to manage the entire team (available from the browser) 
  • Support for touch screens, 
  • The ability to add comments to the session for the purpose of billing, 
  • Improved remote printing, without having to transfer files, 
  • Sound and video recording and remote control sessions, 
  • Program compatibility with Windows 8


Advantages of Teamviewer 9

The program TeamViewer 9 is available for various operating systems, from Windows to the Apple Mac OS X – and also allows you to work cross platform, that is, for example, allows you to control your computer with an Apple Macintosh computer running Windows, and vice versa. It offers faster drag and drop elements, save the connection settings to remote computers, convert to AVI, scheduling meetings, and access to a flexible window and better operating parameters. Finally, Teamviewer 9 is very useful program, and if you want to make your life easier, you must have it!

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